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Inauguration of „Négyeske” in Tapolca

On Saturday, the last but one day of 2017, a legendary NOHAB locomotive, course no. M61-004 diesel locomotive, the so called „Négyeske” was inaugurated within the framework of Tapolca NOHAB reunion.

„Négyeske” had its fatal accident during the summer of 1999, at Badacsonylábdihegy. Since its damage was irreparable, the locomotive could not have been saved. Driver compartment B of the locomotive was put in the railway collection of the Museum of Transport, and it was exhibited between 2000 and 2015, beside the famous 424 steam locomotive. In 2015 an agreement was concluded between the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport and the Tapolca Wass Albert Library and Museum about borrowing and exhibiting the NOHAB torso in Tapolca. The locomotive was transported and ceremonially handed over in December 2015, right before Christmas. The restoration of the cult locomotive was enabled by the collaboration of Wass Albert Library and Museum, the council of Tapolca, local rail fans, MÁV, and GySEV, during 2017.

The inauguration of “Négyeske” and the renewed Tapolca railway station took place on the 30th of December, within the framework of a NOHAB reunion with the participation of every Hungarian NOHAB locomotive which is still in operation. This NOHAB festival is already a tradition, since it was organised already for the third time.

The Museum of Transport was represented by Dr Gábor Zsigmond, Deputy General Director of the Institute.