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The Most Beautiful Articulated Bus in the Collection of the Museum of Transport

A bus with famously beautiful design was acquired by the Museum of Transport. Our newest piece: Ikarus EAG E94G, articulated bus.

Ikarus EAG E94G was introduced 21 years ago, in 1997. “EAG” stands for “Ikarus Egyedi Autóbuszgyár” (“Ikarus Unique Bus Factory”), while “G” indicates “Gelenkbus” (“articulated bus”). The piece purchased from VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. was manufactured in 1999, and it was running until its last day in traffic – it is still ready for working today. The model was innovative and marketable, however, Hungarian market relations and export countries were not quite open to it. Eight pieces were prepared altogether, each a little different.

The bus is special for man reasons; it was the only manufactured articulated type of bus prepared by “Ikarus Unique Bus Factory”, and it is also the last articulated bus developed by Ikarus. Also it is the last bus in the history of Ikarus which was fully and completely designed in Hungary. Lajos Torma, designer of the multi-functional bus family received an Industrial Design Award of Excellence in 1994. According to many opinions, E94G is the most beautiful Hungarian articulated bus. VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. ran two pieces of this type, and one of them is now already a part of the collection of the Hungarian Museum of Transport.