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Management data

Legality of operation, controls


Audits of the State Audit Office:
Public Findings of the State Audit Office's Audits: The State Audit Office did not have a public finding of audit in May 2017.

Other inspections, tests
Public findings of other inspections and tests concerning the body: There were no other inspections in connection with which the inspection body had made a public finding.

Effectiveness of operation, performance

Indicators for the performance of the public service body, characterization of its capacity, measurement of its efficiency and performance, and their value and change over time: The evaluation of the museum's performance is performed annually according to the performance-based report ordered by the maintainer. The performance indicators are set out in Decree No. 51/2014 on the professional indicators required for the annual work plan of the museum, the national specialist library and the county library. (XII. 10.) of EMMI.


Operational statistics

Results of the statutory statistical data collection on the activities of the public service body, their change over time: The statistical data collection on the main activity is carried out within the framework of the annual museum statistics, which includes information on professional activities as well as information on management.

The statistical data collection is available: on the kultstat.emmi.gov.hu ​​interface in 2008-2019. years.



Budgets, reports

Annual budgets

Annual (elementary) budgets of the public body:
Budget Statutes for 2007-2017 (see downloadable documents at the bottom of the page)

Reports of the body performing the public function according to the Accounting Act:
Budget reports 2007-2016. year (see downloadable documents at the bottom of the page)

Reports of the body performing the public task on the implementation of the budget - in the manner and with the frequency specified in a separate legal act:
Budget text reports 2007-2016. year (see downloadable documents at the bottom of the page)


Concerning the use of general government funds, the management of general government assets, the acquisition of goods worth up to or exceeding HUF 5 million, construction works, service orders, sales of assets, utilization of assets, transfer of property (type of property), the names of the contracting parties, the value of the contracts, in the case of a fixed - term contract, its duration, and changes in the said data, data on procurements directly related to national security or defense interests, and with the exception of classified data.

The value of the contract shall be the consideration for the subject of the contract, calculated without value added tax, in the case of a free transaction, the higher of the market or book value of the property shall be taken into account.

In the case of recurring contracts for a period of more than one year, the value shall be calculated on the basis of the amount of the consideration for one year. The value of a contract for the same subject-matter concluded with the same contractor in a financial year shall be added together:

Table on contracts reaching or exceeding HUF 5 million (2016, 2017) (see downloadable documents at the bottom of the page)

Other payments:

Over HUF 5 million spent by the body performing public tasks on the performance of its non-basic tasks (especially support of social organizations, professional and employee interest representation bodies of its employees, support of organizations supporting educational, cultural, social and sports activities of its employees, providers, payments related to tasks performed by foundations) Recipients of payments in excess of: There are currently no such payments.

Developments supported by the European Union:
Description of the developments implemented with the support of the European Union, the contracts related to them: There is no ongoing development with the support of the European Union in the museum.

Public procurement:

Procurement information: annual plan, summary of the evaluation of tenders, concluded contracts:
Procurement plan for 2016 and 2017 (see downloadable documents at the bottom of the page)