Művészi munkáiból is ízelítőt ad az Öntödei Gyűjtemény Bírónak emléket állító időszaki kiállítása, melyet az érdeklődők augusztus 31-ig tekinthetnek meg a Ganz csarnokban. 

Numerous inventions may be connected to the inventor of the ball point pen, inventions which we know well, however, we still do not identify them with Bíró: automatic transmission, the roll-on deodorant, or steam washing machines. Bíró was a real polymath; his creative and experimenting spirit also revealed itself in the field of writing and art: he regularly published in Pesti Hírlap and Pesti Napló, while enthusiastically painting and sculpting. The temporary exhibition presented by the Foundry Collection commemorates the artwork of Bíró as well, and is open and available until the 31st of August.