The 104-year-old Kossuth Museum Ship is the only steamship preserved in its original state in Hungary – it is part of our industrial heritage. On its deck we find several nautical relics – the fully preserved steam engine and paddle, and the steam-operated steering gear. Beside parade uniforms and ornamental swords of former shipping companies we find relics, such as a telegraph that was used to signal commands. The turn-of-the-century atmosphere is evoked by a cabin furnished with contemporary pieces of furniture. Beside delineating the history of Danube shipping, a separate part of the exhibition commemorates the Princess Sophia luxury steamship, which has also been called the pearl of River Danube. Several monarchs and historical figures have set foot on Princess Sophia: William II., the German emperor, Edward VIII., the English monarch (British crown prince back than), or the Japanese admiral, Isoroku Yamamoto.