The exhibition leads the visitor throughout the entire history of aluminum industry – it lets us peek in the first hundred years of Hungarian aluminum; bauxite research, mining, alumina production, aluminum metallurgy, and the scientific research and planning work which is necessary for Hungarian aluminum.

We find here original aluminum pieces from the 1930s, measuring devices, alumina sampling equipment, tubs, mock-ups of loader and transport machines. Moreover, the aesthetic side is represented too: statuettes, plaques, medallions and other art objects prepared of aluminum are displayed. And it is not the end yet. A mining suit of the 50s can also be seen here, and even a copy of the aluminum food container of Bertalan Farkas, Hungarian astronaut, which was experimented on and developed by Hungarian scientists. Within the framework of the permanent exhibition our visitors encounter original documents, contemporary photographs, and technological flow charts.

In addition, a real curiosity is the artificial but realistically built copy of a bauxite mine entrance. While heading through the tunnel covered with bauxite we may get acquainted with some characteristic handheld devices used in bauxite mining.