BKV Zrt. has been concerned with the idea of preserving vehicles withdrawn from traffic for a long time; the endeavour to preserve, restore, and present these vehicles for future generations exists in several other Europen cities as well. An old-standing desire of the company's experts was fulfilled when in the former Szentendre Budapest Local Railways Company (BHÉV – Budapesti Helyi Érdekű Vasutak Rt.) remise a new collection came into existence, which presented the history of public transportation in the capital and in Hungary in general as well.

The exhibition of the Urban Transport Museum includes ten original vehicles and several smaller pieces belonging to the Museum of Transport. The Haraszti "skirted" steam locomotive, the P I passenger coach of BHÉV, the course No. 28 steam locomotive (also belonging to BHÉV), electric trolley cars from Miskolc, a ZIU5-type trolley bus can be visited here, or the Ikarus 556 bus which appeared as part of the Museum's stand this year at Sziget Festival.