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Government Decision on the Future of the Museum of Transport

In May 2017, the Government made a decision concerning the future of the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport, and the revision of the previous concept. 

This decision offered a great opportunity for the institute: the main exhibition place of the Transport Museum may now be realised on a new location, on a larger site, this way making the exhibition of the full spectre of our collection possible in a proper environment. The selection of the new site is in progress. We are mostly considering brownfield investments on sites which served transport functions earlier or in one way or another are connected to the history of transportation. The historical hall of the Transport Museum will be re-built in Városliget, however, without implementing the underground expansion that was planned to be accomplished earlier. The building – according to the May 2017. Government Decision – will not be reborn as the Hungarian Museum of Transport but as a primary exhibition space of technical museology, presenting the inventions of Hungarian inventors in a new and innovative way.