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Ikarus 438 in the collection of the Museum of Transport

The Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport saved a special Ikarus bus type again. Our newest piece is the uniquely designed Ikarus 438.K1.

An important vehicle of Hungarian bus production was acquired by the Museum after Ikarus 66 and Ikarus 489 Polaris.
Ikarus 438.K1 was manufactured in 1996, only one single piece was produced of this type. The aim of the special “mule” version was to popularise 400 series on the Russian market, instead of 280 series. The modern and 438 is extraordinary because it has the structure of the 280 series, however, its appearance recalls Ikarus 400 series. After its moderate success in Russia, the bus ran as the transport vehicle for workers at Videoton, then it was bought by VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. at the beginning of the 2000s (it operated as a long-distance bus).

The bus transported passengers up until 2016, then it was towed to Veszprém to carry out some restoration works, however, after discovering serious structural problems, this idea was abandoned. Now the Museum of Transport – in cooperation with VOLNÁBUSZ Zrt. – has saved this valuable type for posteriority.