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MMKM member institutions repoen

We are happy to announce that the member institutions of the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport will reopen following closure issued by the Hungarian government in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

First, on May 15, the Massa Museum became open to the public.

On June 1, the following institutions open:

- the Museum of Electrical Engineering,

- the Metallurgical Collection,

- the Museum of Aluminum Industry,

- and the Museum of Chemistry.

On June 15, the Technical Study Stores opens to the public and at the same time the Research service and the Archive will be reopened.

The much-awaited temporary exhibition of the Hungarian Transport Museum at the formal Északi Járműjavító repair plant will open in July.

Please note that according to the current regulations visitors are mandatory to hold an immunity certificate, and the number of visitors inside at a given time is also limited.