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Museum of Transport gains a new exhibition site at the formal Kelenföld station building

The newest exhibition place of the Hungarian Museum of Transport will be located in the 137-year-old house of the Budapest-Kelenföld railway station. The main attraction will be a terrain table augmenting the railway exhibition.

In the formal Kelenföld station building, named ‘Kelenföld Indóház’, the Transport Museum will create a new exhibition space, its main attraction will be a field table with a floor area of ​​several hundred square meters as part of a railway history exhibition. It will host periodical exhibitions and museum pedagogical sessions. 

Around the building there will also be a railway-themed playground, outdoor cinema screenings will be available on the terrace, ideal for children and families. The building will host a lookout point and a new, contemporary terrace facing the railways, ideal for train spotters. A bistro will also be located in the building, and in the open there will be a steam locomotive almost the same age as the building.

We obtained the building permit for the building in July, and a call for its complete renovation was issued in October.

The Museum of Transport has selected Építész Stúdió to prepare architectural plans for its new exhibition space, which, in addition to respecting the monumental character of the original building, will also complement it with contemporary architecture corresponding to the new functions.