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New Ikarus Bus in our Collection

The newest piece in the collection of the Museum of Transport: the Ikarus 396.27 long-distance bus.

Ikarus 396.27 is a member of series 300 and had transported passengers until the 2000s across Europe. After that it continued its career in Hungary, as a long-distance bus. Buses of series 300 were considered as having the most beautiful backside in the 80s.

Designers started working on series 300 in the 70s, when the production of city buses and long-distance buses was separated. While series 400 city buses were manufactured in the capital, long-distance buses were produced in Székesfehérvár. A reassuring feeling of safety was a requirement in case of these buses, even at a greater velocity. This is the reason why these models have a higher floor level. In the most modern buses television, air conditioning system, toilette, and sound system were installed, moreover, the larger luggage-carrier was also enlarged. On board of some buses there was a separate sleeping cabin as well. We also find a negotiating bus within the family type, installed with swivel chairs. Of course, due to these comfort functions the type was rather expensive, hence not many were produced.