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Transport- and Technical History Review

Can be referred as the calendar of the Hungraian Museum of Transport, the Transport- and Technical History Review contains publications in which we can showcase the researches we are working on.


The latest Review has been published in 2020 December. This issue is also thematic: as 2020 was the centenary of the Treaty of Trianon, the 2020 Review examines the consequences of the treaty in the transportation field. You can order the Review 2020 in Hungarian in our Webshop.

Amoung other articles, the 2019 issue was meant to highlight the work we have are doing full-swing in digitalization and vehicle restauration. You can view the table of contents of the 2019 issue here, in Hungarian.

The main theme of the 2018 issue was the total renewal of the Museum of Transport. Here you can download the whole issue in Hungarian.