The Technical Study Stores is one of the most unique exhibition spaces in Hungary. It can be considered as a museum, yet it does not incorporate a permanent exhibiting place. It is a special type of hybrid space, since in its halls visitors meet exhibitions not in the traditional sense. When it opened in 2006, it made its internal stores available to the visitors.

The first room is dedicated to light industry and mechanics. The room is furnished with telescopes from the 18th century, globes, celestial spheres, special optic devices, a clock collection of hundreds of pieces, and a collection of light fixing. Treasures can be found while observing the shelves and pulling out the drawers. 

The second room hosts instruments of computer science, telecommunication, chemical industry and household devices. The changes of information technology can be traced if we browse throughout the collection: the URAL-2 computer, which is one of the first computers used in Hungary, designed by László Kozma, has a size of a room and contains four cabinets and a control panel, built on a desk; a radiotelephone from the 80s, the size of a briefcase; the mobile computer, which weighs more than ten kilograms and is considered to be the ancestor of the mobile phone. Some pieces of the exhibited objects can even be seen during operation. Visitors can experience what the first Hungarian cybernetic animal, Katica, is capable of. They may also try a prototype of the washing machine, a cleaning equipment, which can be set on the cooking-stove and be rotated manually.

Those who are interested in the miracles of Hungarian machine industry may roam in the third hall, the Mobileum, where the evolution of engines can be seen. Visitors may explore the history of engines operated by steam, water, or gas; even a jet engine is exhibited here.