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Inauguration of „Négyeske” in Tapolca

  • 04 January 2018

On Saturday, the last but one day of 2017, a legendary NOHAB locomotive, course no. M61-004 diesel locomotive, the so called „Négyeske” was inaugurated within the framework of Tapolca NOHAB reunion.

The Newest car in our Eastern Bloc collection

  • 25 January 2018

Collection development strategy of the Museum of Transport pays extra attention to the automobiles of the “Eastern Bloc.” After purchasing the legendary Polski Fiat, we hope to further develop our collection soon. 

December opening hours

  • 30 November 2017

Opening hours of our member institutions are the following in December and January:

Airplanes renweing inside and out

  • 30 November 2017

Restoration works are making great progress in the newly moved Aeropark Airplane Museum, the largest transport-related exhibition place of the Hungarian Museum of Transport. Here a full spectrum of 60 years of Hungarian commercial aviation is exhibited. Restoration works – a joint effort of the Museum of Transport and the Aviation Cultural Center – concern three aircrafts among the ones exhibited here, and which are part of the  collection of the Hungarian Museum of Transport.

Unique Photographic Documents Published by the Museum of Transport and Fortepan

  • 07 August 2017

1200 photos have become accessible thanks to the collaboration of the renewing Museum of Transport and the photo archive of Fortepan. The goal of the co-operation is to present those values of the history of transport and industry which were hardly presented before, and to share these unique photographs with the public. The recently published photographs got into the possession of the Museum decades ago from the heritage of the Ship Factory of Óbuda and of the Ganz Ship Factory. Then they were uploaded to Fortepan.